A well-crafted operating model plays a pivotal role in ensuring the fluidity and sustainability of an organization’s operations. 

Coming from operational marketing backgrounds, we provide a structured approach that encompasses assessment, customization, change management, technology integration, risk management, and ongoing improvement to ensure that the new model leads to sustainable success for our clients.

Internalizing digital ressource

You might be wondering if internalization of your digital team vs hiring external partners is a route you should consider for your organization. There are pros and cons; let us help you see if it is a fit by navigating you through the process to ensure you don’t miss blind spot. We support our clients by:

  • Building a financial model to see if there’s any financial advantage to do so;
  • Workshopping of the advantages and considerations;
  • Reviewing and designing the new processes;
  • Offboarding current partners and on-boarding internal teams.

Team structure, RACI and governance

By leveraging our operational background and ability to navigate complex organizations, we guide our clients through the process of deploying the right team and governance structure, thanks to four keys activities:

  • Designing the team’s structure and role, to support the organization’s ambition;
  • Align roles and responsibilities among key stakeholders to ensure all operational tasks are taken care of;
  • Implement governance framework that outlines decision-making processes, escalation procedures, and accountability mechanisms;
  • Developing change management strategies through communication plans, training programs, and addressing potential resistance.

Optimize processes through automation

Processes can often be the bottleneck of productivity due to a lack of standardization, inefficient communication or even poor technology integration, just to name a few. 

We guide our clients with the deployment of optimized processes, always keeping automation in mind to reduce as much as possible human intervention for low added business value. How do we do that? Simply by:

  • Putting down on “paper” all the elements of the process and assessing their inter-connectivity;
  • Seeking diverse solutions that could increase efficiency and prioritizing them in order of feasibility and business impact;
  • Deploying POC to prove viability and positive impact;
  • Implementing a change management program.