Knowing what you should keep doing, what can be improved or what needs to be completely stopped is difficult to assess yet critical for your business. Many risks could be involved affecting the financial and legal aspects, as well as brand reputation and team effort.

Digital audits are a cornerstone of our renowned services. Our commitment to an unbiased approach and a robust methodology is the foundation of our approach. 

Our audits are more than a report; they provide strategic recommendations to mitigate risk and accelerate the scale of your business. We uncover inefficiencies, highlight untapped potentials, and provide actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions.


Digital advertising performance

Digital advertising relies on algorithms, so your team and partners need to feed them correctly to ensure the maximum level of efficiency. Our work can unveil a large spectrum of potential media gain, as well as a high variance in terms of execution from campaign to campaign and business units. Here are some facts recently unveiled by our work:

  • 60% of client’s budget was spent on poor ads;
  • 2X ROAS discrepancy due to poor data attribution; 
  • 39% of spend is going toward keywords bringing low value;
  • Country-related variance in targeted audiences and buying techniques makes it hard to assess true creative differentiation performance.

CRM program and 1P party data

Most marketers agree that personalized experience is a key factor of success to increase customer lifetime value. While many best practices are shown, only a handful of organizations are able to deploy them at scale mainly due to limitations of data, unspecified journey design, and a lack of resources. . With new regulations in regards to data privacy, 1P party data program needs to have robust processes. Here are some numbers recently unveiled by our work:

  • No clear single view of customers due to multiple siloed databases (3) and different email platforms (2), all deploying communications to the same customer groups;
  • 36% of email campaigns are not meeting taxonomy, hence limiting reporting capability;
  • 85% of potential email contacts were suppressed due to poor 1P data quality;
  • Email address, customer acquisition and email opt-in rates declining year after year due to unaligned strategy and operational plan.

Organization structure and ways of working

While many organizations focus their energy on getting the latest piece of technology to deliver more efficiencies and build new capabilities, they quickly realize that the biggest challenge is not technology but rather team structure and inefficient ways of working. Some of our recents work unveild:

  • High variance in team compositions across similar size markets;
  • Multiple agencies duplicating efforts across markets;
  • Global media team members sit apart within the organizational chart, which is not conducive to the visibility of projects and fluidity of communication;
  • No global leads to take over the deployment of business goals translated into digital goals.

Supplier and partner service

Your suppliers and partners are handling a critical part of your digital activities. The complexity makes it hard to fully understand all the services rendered. Our audit will provide you with more transparency on the delivery as well as the financial aspect. Here are some facts recently unveiled by our work:

  • Agency invoices were not matching adtech numbers by 29%;
  • Customer database underutilized but showing positive ROI if scaled further;
  • NPS score technology and surveys not utilized by multiple brands even though available for no added cost;
  • Duplication of agency efforts across brands, creating budget wastage.