To scale digital excellence in complex organizations doesn’t require only good knowledge of their digital ecosystem and its specificities, but also an understanding of their internal process, communication and, let’s say it … politics.

To ensure that our work meets each clients’ objectives and aligns with the organization’s top management, we focus on building a team with strong digital operational heritage and business acumen.

K truong profile

Khoi Truong

CEO & Co-founder

As CEO of Manoeuvre, Khoi oversees the company’s growth, defines the right methodological rigor to carry the mandates, and drives the development of new services and business partnerships.

Khoi Truong has more than 15 years of experience in the digital field, occupying operational and executive positions over the years. His digital expertise and his ability to popularize complex subjects such as advertising platform algorithms, personal data management and different operating models, have earned him an international reputation. Manoeuvre now supports clients in over 6 countries, a testament to its global reach and impact.


Marie-Sophie Desormeau

COO & Co-Founder

As COO and Co-Founder of the firm, Marie-Sophie’s main role is to support the growth of the firm, through the implementation or improvement of processes, actions, tools, and operational management of teams. She represents the company with partners and customers, and is responsible for evaluating the priorities of actions. She is often required to collaborate with marketing teams and takes on human resources responsibilities.

She ensures on a daily basis that the teams are able to carry out their missions and achieve their objectives successfully. Working closely with the CEO, she manages operations thanks to her strategic and field vision of the organization, and in collaboration with the various team leaders. With over 15 years of experience in the digital industry. She is recognized for her ability to analyze, build and operationalize complex and large-scale digital strategies.

Continuously searching for innovation and professional development opportunities, she leads projects on various aspects of technology across multiple sectors (retail, beauty/fashion, agriculture, finance and insurance, recreational sport products, real estate, restaurant chains, etc.) Marie-Sophie also mentors technology start-ups and speaks in schools on entrepreneurship and new digital professions.

photo ghita bennani

Ghita Bennani

Director, Marketing Science & Data Analytics

As the Director of Marketing Science and Data Analytics, Ghita guides companies in deploying their marketing strategy, focusing on digital performance measurement and providing decision support in marketing matters.

Passionate about data, Ghita boasts over 12 years of experience within major international companies, serving as an expert in data analytics. Her expertise spans omnichannel performance measurement, consumer data analysis, media, social listening, and other marketing levers.

Her proactive nature and problem-solving skills have allowed her to successfully lead data projects, from implementation to insight generation. Ghita has played a pivotal role in establishing analytics governance in complex ecosystems, both within a core team and across countries with varying levels of maturity. Her profound understanding of business and technical aspects of data makes Ghita a versatile profile capable of simplifying sometimes intricate data-related subjects.

Marylyna photo – gray

Marylyna Larrivée-Petrucci

Director, Operations & Client Services

Marylyna’s role is to support the team, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations with a focus on improving quality, performance & productivity at Manoeuvre. She establishes this by managing key performance indicators that center around operations and client services.

Marylyna is recognized for her analytical thinking and developing strong client relationships. She is passionate about everything digital and motivated by the data science behind it. She firmly believes that we cannot manage what we cannot measure.

She has numerous years of experience in digital marketing, mostly in a marketing agency where she specialized in strategy, media & data. She worked on hundreds of integrated marketing projects and always insisted on measuring their impact, whether it was a piece of content, a creative, a dashboard or a cookie consent banner multivariate testing strategy.

She believes that in a data-driven world, all teams must be strategic. All of the available data is not always necessary to analyze; choosing the right data, the one that has a measurable impact on productivity and on sales, is key to making better informed decisions.

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Nour El-Mohri

Director, Digital Transformation & Media

As the Director of Digital Transformation and Media, Nour is responsible of leading several projects through assessing the companies’ current state, diagnosing the situation, and creating a roadmap on how the company can achieve self sufficiency in the realm of media, digital commerce and global digital. She also develops digital resources to support consultant teams and organizations.

Nour has worked across a wide variety of sectors such as analytics and ecommerce as well as online advertising: digital programmatic and media agencies. Throughout her work, Nour believes in keeping the client at the centre of business decisions and providing them with the tools to achieve their digital excellence goals.

Nour is passionate about sparking conversations concerning media, its implications, and representation. In 2020, Nour received the Lieutenant Governor Medal for her outstanding work promoting inclusivity while also lending greater visibility to groups that tend to be underrepresented in today’s media landscape.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 17.14.24

Elodie Woo

Junior Business Automation Specialist

Elodie is a brilliant mind, graduated in finance and business analytics at McGill and recently joined the digital world.

With her strong analytical mind, love for technology and experience in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, she happily leads the development, coordination and implementation assistance of new systems, improvements and modifications to the programs. Interacts with the company’s CEO, directors and consultants regarding assigned programs and systems, and provides assistance as necessary. She directs the development and distribution of business management reports and provides other analyzed data on assigned programs and systems. It also ensures the understanding and mastery of the systems by users, in order to result in efficient and sustainable use.

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