Navigating the new agency and media landscape

Our handpicked panelists are leaders from big-scale organizations that completed various stages of a digital internalization. 

Event information

This event took place on September 21, 2022 in Montreal.



  • Develop a vision beyond paid media.
  • Articulate the vision to different teams on an ongoing basis.
  • Measure the value of risk: It’s not just about media performance, but about business performance.
  • Success relies heavily on stakeholders buy-in and ongoing communication with them.

Organization & Talent Management

  • There is no “one size fits all”. The internalization model is based on the culture and the needs specific to the company.
  • Involve other departments to break down silos and to create sustainability.
  • Find a balance between technical knowledge and business knowledge.

Guidance & the role of Agencies

  • Talk with people who have experienced the process you want to implement and adapt accordingly.
  • Meet all stakeholders on a regular basis to understand their reality and see how internalization can benefit them.
  • Agencies have a role to play in internalization: They can become business partners by providing value on trends, innovation or access to specialized resources. Be transparent and frame expectations.
  • Conduct audits on a regular basis to maintain optimal performance and improve know-how.