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Matching your strengths and experience with a business’s needs is only part of what we do. Using your unique profile as a launch pad, you’ll find the challenge and culture fit you need to feed your ambition and take your career to the next level, learning new skills along the way.

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Challenging mandates

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Paid media expert

Client success manager

Event planner





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To me, working at Manoeuvre is working with skilled colleagues who trust each other and know how to work as a team. The projects are very interesting and challenging, working with international brands, which allow me to develop new skills almost every time.


Digital Analytics Expert Montreal, Canada

I really enjoyed the variety of responsibilities as well as working with the team. The client was also wonderful to work with. The support from both teams gave me the confidence to deliver quality results.


Senior Project Manager Montreal, Canada

I feel privileged to collaborate with industry leaders who approach challenging mandates with enthusiasm. Manoeuvre's projects carve paths that enable me to apply my expertise with fresh perspectives. Partnering with Manoeuvre as a consultant has been an absolute pleasure.


Digital media expert Always on the move

Working with Manoeuvre has allowed me to contribute to interesting and diversified mandates that match my skill set. The team has a very good understanding of the consulting business in the digital space and is very committed to the clients' success.

I had never really thought of working as a consultant before I got the opportunity to do it, but thinking back, I wish I had explored this option sooner. It allowed me to have more freedom, while focusing on what I love doing and getting better at it.


Digital Marketing Consultant Montreal, Canada