our story


Manoeuvre is a global consulting firm that was born of the desire to provide leaders of large-scale organizations with a neutral party of experience to help them navigate their complex digital ecosystem. Manoeuvre has been focused on long term sustainable operations since the very beginning. This is why we only perform mandates with vetted operational talents.

When we started in 2017 as digital experts from Montreal, we already had great track results in provoking meaningful change in large companies. As soon as we created the firm, we got calls from marketing and digital executives who wanted us to help them auditing and cleaning “their kitchen”, as we knew what it’s like to be in their position. We seem to have met expectations, as we’ve kept on growing organically since then.

Today, we operate in Canada, the US and Europe (Paris, Germany, UK, Netherlands) and we can proudly say that we’ve worked with many Fortune 50 companies, while maintaining a continuous collaboration with the best talents from Canada & Paris.

what we do

Manoeuvre crystalizes its clients’ vision into work streams, creating fluid and sustainable digital operations.

We act as a strategic partner through the global digital transformation of our clients’ organizations. Our hybrid team of senior talents covers a broad spectrum of digital expertises, allowing us to understand, reflect and act with precision on different work streams.

Our services

Digital audits

Digital audits are a cornerstone of our renowned services. Our commitment to an unbiased approach and a robust methodology is the foundation of our approach. 

  • Digital advertising performance
  • CRM program and 1P data
  • E-commerce and marketplace
  • Organizational structure and ways of working
  • Supplier and partner services

Operating Model

A well-designed operating model serves as the backbone of any organization, facilitating fluidity and ensuring sustainable operations. We help our clients outline the right operating model to promote fluidity, adaptability yet efficient ways of working.

  • Internalizing digital resources
  • Develop team structure, RACI and governance
  • Optimize processes with automation
  • Training program

Agency RFP & Transition

Going through an RFP (Request For Proposal) is a tedious process. Our blend of experts will support you through this project with an unbiased approach, a strong evaluation methodology and  hands-on support for agency off and on boarding as well as smooth tech integration.

  • Media agency
  • CRM agency
  • Analytics agency
  • E-comm/market place strategy
  • Apps development agency

Marketing science & analytics

Leveraging data is crucial in order to make informed decisions, enhance operations, and stay competitive. However the raw element of data is not always so easy to interpret nor to activate. Our diverse programs will ensure you are approaching data from a practical and operational view.

  • Marketing data ownership, architecture and taxonomy
  • KPIs alignment and dashboard program management
  • Learning agenda deployment and golden rule definition
  • 1P data governance
  • Data compliance

Digital product & connected experience

In a world where digital capabilities and the physical world are co-living together, customers expect a seamless experience across various devices and touchpoints. We guide the different teams throughout the full product cycle, making sure each decision brings value to the business and their customers, while ensuring that operations are lean, scalable and sustainable. 

  • Run a comprehensive analysis
  • Build a business case
  • Define features & requirements
  • Analyze your performance
  • Create an optimization plan
  • Provide recommendations for talent hiring & upskilling

How we do it

Our methodology is the result of years of experience in the field. It allies the perspective of four key pillars we know are essential to digital operations excellence. Our step by step approach ensures our clients get a clear understanding of their current state, gaps and opportunities before designing the roadmap and playbook, then delivering measurable results.


We perform a digital diagnostic with a neutral position

We design a roadmap based on our diagnostic

We support project delivery with an operational playbook leave-behind

Our pillars




(Media, CRM, Marketing Science, Product, CX)


We go through our methodology with a consideration for each pillar, for which Manoeuvre has specific expertises and sub-services.

Our commitment to clients

From new marketing and digital executives who need to get fresh eyes to C-levels who have trouble transforming their vision into a clear roadmap, through senior directors who need expert advisory and project delivery, many professionals can benefit from the help of our hybrid team of senior digital experts.